DVAA was formed and serving New England Arts since 1931. Our mission to encourage, create and foster appreciation of  and support for the fine arts and crafts in our region through ongoing exhibitions, education, demonstrations by prominent artists and crafters, scholarships for art students, and other activities.

SOME of our Winners in the ongoing Photography



1st Prize - Professional Camera - Christine Daugherty, Behold


2nd Prize - Professional Camera - Carol Dunn - Florence Visitors


1st Prize - iPhone Camera - Sally Dillon - Rainbow at Sunset


2nd Prize - iPhone Camera - Chris Dillon - Canyon Tree Frog


3rd Prize Combined Prof. & IPhone - Melanie Phillips - Deerfield Playing Fields


3rd Prize Combined Prof. & iPhone - Chris Dillon - Zebra Caterpillar

   MAY 2021 Newsletter

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Maureen at mosdvaa@gmail.com with
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Sally Dillon Rainbow at Sunset Sally Dil

 Calendar of events Spring/ Summer 2021
Farmers Market begins Thursday  May 27th  from 3-6pm
Indoor Outdoor Event (in the works) for Sunday June 6th
 Superb Photography show in the gallery NOW! Much more on the way, stay tuned!!   
NEWS FLASH: There will be an inside-outside artists photography show reception on:
               Sunday June 6th from 1pm-4pm
Rain date Saturday, June 13.


Zebra Caterpillar Chris Dillon.jpeg
Canyon Treefrog Chris Dillon.jpeg
Melanie Phillips Deerfield Playing Field
Chris Daugherty - Behold.jpg


DVAA exhibits members' work on a regular basis at:
Franklin County Medical Center, Cafeteria
  Contact: Bob Callery at ​buckyredsox@yahoo.com

if you are interested in exhibiting there.

Welcome New Members!

 James Duffy

Eleanor Small

Marcia Passos-Duffy

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